What is “Alchemical” Hypnotherapy 

and why is it different?

The name comes from the ancient Alchemists converting the “lead” of our unconscious into the “gold” of wisdom and fulfillment using hypnotic techniques to access powerful internal resources. Alchemical Hypnosis helps people find their inner healing and teaches them to work with these powerful resources on a daily basis. There is no dependence on the therapist; instead the seeker is empowered to access their own latent healing and transformative power within. It is a very dynamic process, embracing our emotional and spiritual nature unlike any other form of hypnosis therapy

How does it work?

There are different techniques employed in day to day practice but of course which used depends on the case, situation, and disposition of the client. From an Alchemical point of view there are 5 main directions of therapy.

Rescuing the inner child

Through inner child work the client explores long forgotten early childhood memories for the source of traumatic or problematic experiences. Experiences that continues to impact the adult subconsciously expressing themselves in negative ways on a habitual basis.. Inner Child work not only allows you to re-live the emotions but also engages you actively with the memory of the event itself. The child within is brought back to the present in order to properly meet its needs and as an adult, help and nurture the child in the process

Contacting our guides and higher self

Another technique is the practice of contacting our Etheric guides and higher self. Often labeled as Archetypes, our Guides are energies that lie within and when tapped can provide us with invaluable information and healing potential. The Inner Child mentioned previously is a guide, The Inner Mate and Inner Parents are also guides that can help us heal so much while unbinding the limitless potential that lies at the core of our being.

Past life regression

Next is past life regression. This technique is effective in identifying traumatic past life experiences and process the emotions still associated with them, but also remedy challenging experiences by returning to the scene, provide understanding and even invite past life personalities in order to assist in the healing process. This is effective in uncovering the cause of repetitious, unwanted life patterns, to increase the subject’s potential or to uncover hidden or repressed memories. Such as in cases of abduction or traumatic events 

Conference room therapy

In Conference room therapy we explore all the parts of our identity called ‘sub personalities’, each with a voice and motivation of their own. The truth is that we are not one person, but many people in one. In fact, the most accurate way to think of ourselves is that we exist as a broad set of potentialities, rather than as a narrow set of traits. The particular trait we manifest at any point in time depends on the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This means that it may not be possible to know ourselves to any meaningful level of specificity: we can only know ourselves at a relatively abstract and vague level—as a “portfolio of possibilities. “Conference room therapy offers a very effective means to work with these sub-personalities and all the different voices within us. We experience our different voices continuously – that of the parent, the child, worker, lover and so forth. The role of Conference Room Therapy is to become conscious of our different voices, learning to choose between them as appropriate and most importantly, create a forum for all of these disparate parts of ourselves to meaningfully dialogue with one another. A new strength can be gained when we can take on these different roles without losing our essential center. Conference Room Therapy helps us by exploring and understanding the different relationships and bringing in our Guides to assist in the process

Somatic healing

The somatic Inner Healer is a powerful inner guide who can give us medical advice, and will perform spiritual surgery on our bodies to remove tumors, repair the bones, muscles and internal organs of our bodies but I do not practice this modality very often.

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