I have suffered from anxiety and stress forever, but now, after using tools from True You Hypnotherapy, I can now say that I have the power to control my reactions to what used to be difficult situations for me. Serious social anxiety !! I’m sending everyone I know to True You Hypnotherapy. Randall Bowen, Sacramento Ca


In this day and age, it’s hard to know who you can trust. Trust Laurie, she was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why! I completely get what ‘True You’ means.
I’ve never felt so secure and loving in my life. Thank you for helping me find my balance. I have the peace that I need. You are a gift. Edgar R. Sacramento Ca

My sessions with Laurie, were such a wonderful experience. Her techniques and personal touch really helped me to achieve my goal. (emotional control) The ease of effort using her program and techniques was an immense help to complete the necessary steps for my desired outcome. Laurie’s personal focus with her clients is especially appreciated in the service she provides to ensure long-term success. There is no one like Laurie. Lydia Warren, Sacramento

My experience with Laurie was *exceptional* — it was literally more amazing than I thought possible. I was so impressed by my one session with her that I bought a package for my ex and was astounded at the effectiveness of those sessions as well. These experiences have been such a turning point in our lives that I am considering going into the field of hypnotherapy myself. Although I live in Truckee, I still recommend that the local residents here take the drive to see Laurie all the way in Sacramento because I do believe that the hypnotherapist his/herself makes a difference and that the drive is more than worth it. Laurie in particular is great at what she does and has decades of experience in all kinds of different realms to draw from.
When done correctly, hypnotherapy can be a sort of “life hack” — the possibilities are almost endless. I highly encourage anyone that is ready to set themselves free from their inner limitations to see Laurie. She has the potential to completely change your life. Victor Zevallos


High Praise for Laurie McDonald. She is a sensitive, intuitive and most importantly, effective hypnotherapist. I will recommend her with full confidence. Wayne Smits

I have been changed after seeing Laurie. She takes the time to find the root of the issue and I have had huge revelations in my life. I have recommended her to people I know could use her help. She has changed my life, and I am forever thankful. Mandilee Comstock

Laurie is truly a master at her craft. She is professional and caring. I went deep and felt comfortable while under. I highly recommend her to help you with a myriad of concerns.          Dev Rugne

I see Laurie about once every three weeks. She is really insightful and is the best at her craft. She has helped me to understand many things that have happened in my life, unearthing answers that I didn’t know were there. She has a very calming and soothing nature about her, and is an excellent hypnotherapist. I highly recommend her to ANYONE, including other hypnotherapists. Laurie has a VAST array of knowledge in her field, as well as other related fields, such as abduction experiences and dream interpretation. I look forward to our next session! Benjamin Hulett

Laurie at true you hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapist, I highly recommend her! She has helped me stop smoking and now working on weight management. I see her once a week. She has a affordable package plan! Maxine Glass

Laurie is an exceptional therapist, She has helped me with public speaking and got rid of my nerves. Cost was very reasonable so I signed up for her package deal!!!! I’m so happy I found her! Steve Williams

I would like to say Laurie is such a warm human being. The hardest part of therapy is feeling comfortable. In the past this has cost me time and money. With Laurie all that wasted time melts away in the blink of an eye. Picking a therapist, in my opinion is the hardest part. Once you meet Laurie you will see what I mean. Therapist like here are hard to find. Tina Maximovich

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