Consciousness and Reality

Imagine in your mind that all things in nature vibrate at a particular frequency. Within the framework of that frequency, a resonance is established creating a connection, a relationship with all other things that resonate at that frequency. Likes attract likes! This frequency becomes a field of ‘expression’ bringing into our 3 dimensional world all …

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Positive Thoughts

What breaks my heart in my profession is to hear people, mostly woman, coming to me saying they hate their bodies and I have to remind them that their body is in the room and can hear everything they are saying about it. Your body like the universe hears no negatives. It just hears and …

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Holiday Weight Management and Hypnotherapy

It’s the holidays, time to be loving, thankful, merciful, and forgiving. Not just to your family and friends, but to yourself. The more you love yourself and your body, the more control you will have when indulging in this seasons festivities. Loving yourself is the key. When we have the ability to love and accept …

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