Meditation is not only a disciplined mind technique to achieve a higher state of consciousness. The real objective with meditation is to practice quieting the emotions, controlling the mind and relaxing the body. This allows the conscious mind to be narrowed and the subconscious mind to be bypassed- opening the pathway to activate the super conscious mind. This is were each experience varies. Hypnotherapy however guides one into a deep state of relaxation and bypasses the conscious mind to access the subconscious. The objective is clearly agreed upon between the facilitator and the subject prior to induction. The purpose is generally retrieval of information to clarify a situation, event or phenomena or straight forward behavioral modification. When practiced, both modalities demonstrate improved overall physical and emotional health with increased mental alertness accompanied by a positive attitude and a general sense of well being. These feeling can stay with one for hours or even day’s creating an energetic pattern’s that can be accessed at will. Medical testing found a definite change in body chemistry and metabolism during both meditation and hypnosis. It all begins with opening the mind and taking control of your life.

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The Power of  Thought

In science thought is “an erg of energy” an electrical impulse taken from pure energy. This energy can be manipulated by using inner mind energy. Your thought automatically sends out a negative or a positive current which is propelled chemically.This thought has set a wavelength and creates the mental plane. Your reality!

Well then, we can see here the potential for self control and design. How amazing that the driving force, the ultimate power lies within. How we chose to apply this power of thought is up to us, providing of course that you are aware that you possess it. I’m telling you that you do possess it, and you do have the power to make positive changes in your life. So how do we start? We start by quieting the inner dialogue of the mind, all of our beliefs are formed by thought. Learning self hypnosis and meditation are proven ways to rewrite any negative beliefs about ourselves. Like any exercise meditation takes practice. I know that it sounds simple, and it is. However it is not easy, since in today’s world we are being constantly bombarded with electromagnetic mind control frequencies. E.L.F, and therefore must ground yourself from them by using the very ergs of energy that are always present, alive and responsive, possessing their own kind of mobility to interact within the body and outside the body. So in fact we can mentally shield ourselves from interference, regardless of it’s source. Two words to remember during the learning stages. FOCUS and CONTROL. The power of thought is the strongest power in our world, we utilize it by being aware of what we think, not only about ourselves but others too. I hope I have left you with some food for thought.

Imagine in your mind that all things in nature vibrate at a particular frequency. Within the framework of that frequency, a resonance is established creating a connection, a relationship with all other things that resonate at that frequency. Likes attract likes!

This frequency becomes a field of ‘expression’ bringing into our 3 dimensional world all things we call ‘reality’. Our minds and our bodies are no different and will obey the laws of any reality we are individually as well as collectively resonating in.

            When our minds are vibrating at different frequencies they too will produce and express certain characteristics that are unique to that frequency and resonance. For example, science has divided levels of consciousness by the hertz level from which they vibrate within. From 4 to 40 hertz. Within this range are the Beta, Alpha Delta and Theta brain waves. These are the four brain wave humans experience reality through

            Each level of consciousness has its responsibility and job to do in the overall survival and life expression of the person expressing it. The goal of, the master, the teacher, the yogi, the therapist or who ever is attempting to alter themselves or another, is to find the right technique to reach the designated level of consciousness. Once this is achieved one can then facilitate or modify thoughts and actions affected most at that level. When we do this, change occurs in our personality, our lives, as well as our bodies even deep into our DNA.

What breaks my heart in my profession is to hear people, mostly woman, coming to me saying they hate their bodies and I have to remind them that their body is in the room and can hear everything they are saying about it. Your body like the universe hears no negatives. It just hears and try’s to manifest. What you need to do is to rephrase your statement to better reflect what you want more accurately. The way we speak to ourselves can set us up to fail or succeed. After all, you do not want to lose anything, you want to gain. Not weight but health.

Every time we speak to ourselves we are speaking to our subconscious. So it is about self acceptance. The good the bad the ugly, for even the bad aspects of ourselves and life have a place and purpose. We live on a garden planet in a universe directed by duality. There always needs to be opposites but it is all about where we place our awareness.

So, lighten up on yourself. Know and understand your thoughts and let them work for you. Henry Ford once said; whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, either way you are right!

Almost everybody experiences stress in varying degrees through out their life. It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle it. Stress can be a little tricky; it can also do serious emotional and physical harm if you are not paying attention. So let’s pay attention. We all have our triggers, knowing how to control and understand them is made easier with the help of a hypnotherapist. The ability to move gently into a deep state of relaxation allowing your mind to become quite, is the beginning of paying attention. Hypnotherapy is the perfect solace for stress since it is two fold, first you experience great relief from the accumulated physical stress, and secondly you learn tools to continue and apply these techniques to all aspects of your life. Of course the desire to alleviate stress must exist, since desire is the strongest emotion, believed to have been born with creation. Creating a new desired reaction to the same old stuff is most preferable. So I leave you with this today, stress or don’t stress it is up to you.

Stress caused by any paranormal phenomenon can be particularly painful. This is a stress that affects one’s core belief system making one question their very reality. What is real, what is not? What is true what is not true? One of the main issues with a first time paranormal experience is there is no prior information for the subconscious to draw from, What once was simple now becomes confusing, a-flush of chemicals and having multifaceted physiological symptoms that are often accompanied by feelings of betrayal, one certainly has reached a state of distress.

The good news is that you are not alone. Many people have gone through similar experiences. Let’s face it, whenever your world has been turned upside down, for whatever reason, things cannot help but be out of balance. Emotional balance is key to keep all aspects of one’s personal experiences orderly and in the right perspective. This is the Key to Life. To balance with ones emotions is to make a DELIBERATE choice and feel comfortable, satisfied and content about the choice. This deliberate choice can be anything from anger to spiritual joy, as long as it is accepted by both the conscious and the subconscious minds. The minds decide whether it is a pleasurable or educational experience and then put it to rest. A hypnotherapist experienced with paranormal phenomenon can facilitate the process and help put you back in the driver’s seat of life.

Stress is deadly, impairing our ability to think clearly, to sleep soundly and deeply and of course it has negative effects on our bodies natural systems. Our immune system should be our top priority since it protects our other systems. This is not news to anyone. There are countless stories on how stress is making you sick or more depressed or anxious. Our emotions affect our health, so having good emotional health is the most valuable thing you will ever posses. The mind body connection has been very well documented. There are many people who have very good emotional health and it is no coincidence that they share an awareness of their feelings, thoughts, and behavior. When we can practice being in the moment it gives us the opportunity to check in with ourselves. To be honest and fair with our thoughts and feelings prior to exhibiting what could be self destructive behavior.

Strong coping mechanisms bring balance and harmony into our lives, it teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with ourselves first. When this is learned we then have positive relationships with everyone we allow to be in our life. Stressful and fearful situations are part of our society and culture, dealing with them is now easier then ever.

Hypnotherapy can reprogram how we react to upsetting situations and events, allowing the body to become deeply relaxed and receptive and open to the new suggestion and ideas. This process is liberating and self-empowering bringing people to a deeper and greater understanding and control of themselves. Remember we have the personal power to achieve what the mind creates, good and bad. So, think good thoughts and your body will reward you with good health.

The mind, being the seat of consciousness, must be understood in order for us to have self control. The subconscious mind is the driver we seldom think about. It is the one in control, since all information and emotional energy and reactions are stored there. Unless you practice being in the moment or have the tools to be aware we find ourselves on auto pilot and are just going through the motions of our daily routine. So if you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open and you are starring, wondering, what should I eat? Well, you are on auto-pilot.

You must first become aware. Stop, think, focus the mind and scan the body for clues as to what is happening. Am I hungry? If you do not feel hungry, do you feel nervous or angry or sad or lonely? What might be eating you and what will eating accomplish for you right now? Ask yourself these things and do not fear the answer.

Instead follow the answers that surface as if you were an investigator uncovering clues. This is self discovery. And with the help of a hypnotherapist you can easily progress rapidly in retraining your brain to react differently, in a way that suits your highest intention bringing you the desired state that you seek. Hypnotherapy will teach you to access and exhibit control in all areas of your life. It is truly empowering and the only prerequisite is the desire to change or modify your behavior or perhaps just adjust your attitude. So remember the mind directs the body, so do not fight the body with starvation diets and over exercise, tell the mind what you want and the body will follow.

It’s the holidays, time to be loving, thankful, merciful, and forgiving. Not just to your family and friends, but to yourself. The more you love yourself and your body, the more control you will have when indulging in this seasons festivities. Loving yourself is the key. When we have the ability to love and accept all aspects of our self (body included) we want only what is best, much like when you care for others. The body’s needs are simple, fresh air, clean water, healthy food or any food, since the body will do it’s very best to pull and utilize the nutrients out of what ever you eat, and of course, the proper rest and exercise. The mind however is everything, what you think you become.

So this holiday season think, “I love my body, look at all the amazing things it does for me” then think, “I’m truly thankful for what I do have” and then feel forgiveness for any mistakes you have made being merciful to all. This will lighten up your holidays. The tools and techniques required for such a beautiful journey of self discovery are easily accessible with hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. A hypnotherapist can help you to retrain how your subconscious mind reacts to food, turning what used to be a stressful and negative situation into a natural easy way of nourishing the body. Eat well.

This is the time of year when people all over the world create the energy of a ‘mass-consciousness’, the accumulation of like minded energy, falling under the universal law of Likes Attracts Likes. Millions of people all want to have a healthy trimmer new year. To me, this is a bonus opportunity to draw the positive health affirming energy from the Etheric. That which has similarity will be in sympathy or be compatible with that of like nature. (energy)

Hypnotherapy sessions to reinforce healthier eating habits and consistent behavior towards meditation and exercise will be optimized. Timing is always a factor in any endeavor. Being guided and prepared with a hypnotherapist will increase success. There are a few things to know.

  • 88% of brain power comes from the subconscious mind.
  • Understand the full definition of the WORDS you use. (Words have power)
  • Do not use the word ‘lose’ in conjunction with weight. The subconscious mind knows the definition to lose is to FAIL , not win!

So remember to relax allowing the energy to flow without being blocked by tension and stress. The most important thing is awareness, be aware of any imbalance between the conscious and subconscious mind. A balanced positive outlook on life brings beneficial manifestations.

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