Consciousness and Reality

Imagine in your mind that all things in nature vibrate at a particular frequency. Within the framework of that frequency, a resonance is established creating a connection, a relationship with all other things that resonate at that frequency. Likes attract likes!

This frequency becomes a field of ‘expression’ bringing into our 3 dimensional world all things we call ‘reality’. Our minds and our bodies are no different and will obey the laws of any reality we are individually as well as collectively resonating in.

            When our minds are vibrating at different frequencies they too will produce and express certain characteristics that are unique to that frequency and resonance. For example, science has divided levels of consciousness by the hertz level from which they vibrate within. From 4 to 40 hertz. Within this range are the Beta, Alpha Delta and Theta brain waves. These are the four brain wave humans experience reality through

            Each level of consciousness has its responsibility and job to do in the overall survival and life expression of the person expressing it. The goal of, the master, the teacher, the yogi, the therapist or who ever is attempting to alter themselves or another, is to find the right technique to reach the designated level of consciousness. Once this is achieved one can then facilitate or modify thoughts and actions affected most at that level. When we do this, change occurs in our personality, our lives, as well as our bodies even deep into our DNA.

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