Stress and the Mind Body Connection

Stress is deadly, impairing our ability to think clearly, to sleep soundly and deeply and of course it has negative effects on our bodies natural systems. Our immune system should be our top priority since it protects our other systems. This is not news to anyone. There are countless stories on how stress is making you sick or more depressed or anxious. Our emotions affect our health, so having good emotional health is the most valuable thing you will ever posses. The mind body connection has been very well documented. There are many people who have very good emotional health and it is no coincidence that they share an awareness of their feelings, thoughts, and behavior. When we can practice being in the moment it gives us the opportunity to check in with ourselves. To be honest and fair with our thoughts and feelings prior to exhibiting what could be self destructive behavior.

Strong coping mechanisms bring balance and harmony into our lives, it teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with ourselves first. When this is learned we then have positive relationships with everyone we allow to be in our life. Stressful and fearful situations are part of our society and culture, dealing with them is now easier then ever.

Hypnotherapy can reprogram how we react to upsetting situations and events, allowing the body to become deeply relaxed and receptive and open to the new suggestion and ideas. This process is liberating and self-empowering bringing people to a deeper and greater understanding and control of themselves. Remember we have the personal power to achieve what the mind creates, good and bad. So, think good thoughts and your body will reward you with good health.

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