Why Hypnotherapy works for Weight Management (Loss)

The mind, being the seat of consciousness, must be understood in order for us to have self control. The subconscious mind is the driver we seldom think about. It is the one in control, since all information and emotional energy and reactions are stored there. Unless you practice being in the moment or have the tools to be aware we find ourselves on auto pilot and are just going through the motions of our daily routine. So if you find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open and you are starring, wondering, what should I eat? Well, you are on auto-pilot.

You must first become aware. Stop, think, focus the mind and scan the body for clues as to what is happening. Am I hungry? If you do not feel hungry, do you feel nervous or angry or sad or lonely? What might be eating you and what will eating accomplish for you right now? Ask yourself these things and do not fear the answer.

Instead follow the answers that surface as if you were an investigator uncovering clues. This is self discovery. And with the help of a hypnotherapist you can easily progress rapidly in retraining your brain to react differently, in a way that suits your highest intention bringing you the desired state that you seek. Hypnotherapy will teach you to access and exhibit control in all areas of your life. It is truly empowering and the only prerequisite is the desire to change or modify your behavior or perhaps just adjust your attitude. So remember the mind directs the body, so do not fight the body with starvation diets and over exercise, tell the mind what you want and the body will follow.

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